• Trimming Your Aquarium Plants

    How to Trimming Your Aquarium Plants?

    Trimming your aquarium plants is necessary. The growth rate of the plants is very different and so is their trimming. Extensive trimming can disturb the balance in the aquarium, which is why small and frequent trimming is preferable. This way the aquarium will look presentable all the time.

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  • Planting Your Aquarium

    How to planting your aquarium?

    Before Planting plants in your aquarium, it is best to draw up a planting plan. This will provide for swift and trouble-free planting and avoid the need to relocate any aquatic plants once they have been set. We will talk about planting your aquarium.

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  • Filtration Aquarium Necessary

    Filtration aquarium necessary

    Every aquarium is a microcosm in its own right. As simple as it may appear at first glance, an aquarium is actually subject to the same complex laws of nature as prevail, We will talk about filtration aquarium necessary.

    Nature sets the right example

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  • SunSun HW-302 Filter Review

    SunSun HW-302 Filter Review. The three main components of canister filters are the filter, the intake tube, and the output bar. Leaving only the two smallest pieces of equipment, an output and intake, inside the tank – the canister filters main benefit is keeping your aquarium equipment. For SunSun HW-302 Filter Review.
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  • Surface Skimmer Filter Review

    Surface skimmer filter review. While shopping for aquarium supplies recently, I chanced upon this new surface skimmer from Tools Aquarium called the Surf Clear. It seems to be a new model so I figured it’ll be interesting to try it out and do a review on it. For surface skimmer filter review.
    I have used the Eheim 350 surface skimmer before, so my review will include some comparisons with that model.

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