SunSun HW-302 Filter Review

SunSun HW-302 Filter Review. The three main components of canister filters are the filter, the intake tube, and the output bar. Leaving only the two smallest pieces of equipment, an output and intake, inside the tank – the canister filters main benefit is keeping your aquarium equipment. For SunSun HW-302 Filter Review.
By design, the canister filter’s best asset is keeping your tank equipment free. But canister filters offer several other key benefits. They are often the only suitable filters for tanks larger than 50 gallons. For example, hang on back type of filters just can’t provide the adequate gallons per hour that larger tanks require. In addition, canister filters also offer several varieties of inline accessories. Due to the construction and design of canister filters, one can choose to include inline heaters, UV sterilizers and CO2 diffusers all outside of the tank. No other type of filter design offers that ability to hide other pieces of equipment.

The SunSun HW-302 Filter External Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer is a great buy for the money. Set it up and it has been running for about 24 hrs and my tank is crystal clear. The set up is a little tricky and the instructions are not all that. With a little help from youtube, I got it working.

I’m aquarium expert, here are my tips and discoveries to new people hobbyist:
1. Soak the tubes in a sink full of HOT water for several minutes, then take them out and give them a little stretch. This will straighten the coils.
2. Soak the end of the tube in HOT water before connecting to the hard plastic attachments. This will soften the tubing and make it easier to connect the two.
3. The filter goes from bottom to top, so you use the scrubby pad on the bottom, charcoal in the middle, and ceramic rings/bio balls on top. Make sure the baskets’ holes are lined up properly with the intake so this works properly.
There are two different options in this item, one gives you the auto fish feeder and the other gives you a set of filter media.
4. Fill your tank with water, treat it, then pour some of the water into your canister before closing it up. This will speed up priming, but it will still take plenty of pumping to get started.
5. Keep your filter in a bucket for the first day JUST IN CASE you didn’t close it correctly or there’s a leak. It fits perfectly in a 5-gallon bucket.
6. The outflow spray arm is NOISY, but if you twist it so the water hits the glass of your tank, it is almost silent.
7. Water MUST be above the height adjustment joint of your intake or else the filter will suck air, make noise, and eventually lose prime.
8. You don’t need to drain the hoses in order to clean the filter. The black piece the hoses attach to has valves, so you can just unclip that part and haul the canister off to clean inside

How to Install and Setup Your SunSun Canister Filter

Open box, and unpack all parts.
Rinse all parts and media with water
Open your filter and place the SunSun Filter Media Set inside.
Using the included suction cups place the spray bar and intake in your desired location.
Run a section of hosing from your spray bar to the output of your canister filter.
Run a section of hosing from the intake tube to the intake of your filter.
Trim any excess hosing to the desired length.
Include any inline accessories.
Open the filter and fill the canister with dechlorinated water.
Close and seal your filter.
If your fish tank isn’t fully filled, fill it now.
Prime your filter and hoses by depressing the large button on the canister filter several times.
Once the filter and hoses are primed, plug the filter in.
Check for leaks.

Using the above method, I was able to set up my first external canister filter in less than an hour. I didn’t run into any ill-fitting or broken parts. As a matter of fact I was excited to see that the SunSun filter came with what could be considered as extras – like a protein skimmer and extension pieces for the intake tubing and spray bar. It also comes standard with 3 draining trays for your filter media. At the time of purchase filter media was not included so I picked up the SunSun Filter Media Set. It is a three pack of filter media including bio balls, ceramic rings, and carbon. However, presently, Amazon is selling the SunSun Hw302 264GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit which includes the Filter Media Set at no additional cost.

– Quiet
– Easy to install
– Excellent price
– Keeps the water clean and removes bad odors
– Good water flow
– Easy to maintain
– Shipped quickly and arrived in good shape

This filter works great when set up properly. Most people set them up wrong. All filter pads must go on the bottom tray. Coarse, medium and fine filter pads. can be easily taken out to clean.

Once you have everything setup and before you close up your Sunsun. Pour your take water into your filter and fill it up to the top of the trays. If you don’t do this, you will be hitting that prime button all night. Once it’s filled then you can close it up. If you put too much water in it, you might get water everywhere when you close and latch it up. Then you push the primer about 3 or 4 times, turn on the power and your done. It will be loud at first because of all the air in the lines.

I have a 40-gallon tank so that means the water gets turned over about 2.5 times in 1 hour.

If you have a bigger tank than mine, you may need a powerhead in addition to this Canister Filter to circulate your take better to get all the waste moving so it can be sucked up that cheap intake shaft. lol


I like it, these things are normally expensive. This little guy gets the job done and my tank is full of African Cichlids and they crap everywhere but this SunSun keeps it all cleared up. Beats having a loud HOB filter. Maybe I will add some pictures.
I wanted to add an Update to this review. After 3 years this little bad boy is still working like a champ. It was a great purchase. This is best tips for SunSun HW-302 Filter Review.

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